eCommerce Triangle

Just as the triangle has the task of adding the high gloss to an orchestra’s sound, we at Hellmann eCommerce want to accentuate your online shop and thus give it penetrating resonance.

According to our understanding, three carefully matched components determine the success of your online shop: the brand, the growth, and the reliability.

eCommerce Triangle

01. Brand

Your company, its corporate identity and your product range, with its own characteristics and specific customer approach, are at the the pinnacle of the triangle.

Values that have been created through years of classical marketing – such as brand communication, brand consciousness and the customer’s trust  in your company – should be successfully transmitted and implemented via e-commerce as an additional sales path. A comprehensive strategy (multi-channel strategy) is required in order to stringently conjoin these different marketing channels, from brand communication to sales of the product range.

02. Growth

A good online shop increases turnover and presence on the market. The prerequisites for online sales are different – think for example of an ecommerce-optimized product range design.

A media-compatible presence, with a consistently user-friendly surface is just as important as the harmonious presentation and description of the products in a target-group oriented design. Hellmann eCommerce will create professional product photographs using your CI and CD requirements and refine your information content, optimizing it for the web. Thus your customers will percieve your online marketing as harmonious and convincing.

Adaptations are always necessary due to the dynamism of the market, new products or changes in demand. Furthermore, the process chain can work faster and more efficiently in all areas. Our continuous quality management (CIP) allows you to save costs and increase growth.

03. Reliability

The more comprehensive the customer contact channels, the more complex the processes and the tasks at hand. Even at high growth rates, the customer must be assured of quick and solid processing. Smoothly functioning logistics and a flawlessly matched IT landscape, in which the numerous systems involved can communicate, are crucial to the success of an e-commerce project.

Because every company has its own specific requirements, we have developed our own flexible middleware. The eCommerce Communicator perfectly connects various internal and external performance modules with your systems, e.g. your ERP software, your shop, accounts receivable management, payment / risk management and customer service.

Our Solutions

IT / Middleware

The most important success factor for every eCommerce project is an intact systems landscape. Process speed, safety and flexibility are crucial to optimally implementing your customers’ wishes and requirements.

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We at Hellmann eCommerce offer our customers comprehensive IT and logistics know-how, irrespective of your sector. Our team develops customer-specific concepts and creates sustainable solutions.

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Hellmann eCommerce wants to lead your online project to success. We know the B2B and B2C markets and strive to transform your project requirements and wishes into a comprehensive strategy, and to competently realize them, in an exchange partnership with you.

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Partner Management

We want to understand your business concept and implement it convincingly. Together with you, we consider which modules should be supplied from your internal company resources and which should be supplied by Hellmann eCommerce or one of our partners.

We will design your complete partner management system for you, which is why we work together with many excellent service providers. To come up with the best possible overall solution, we sometimes recommend including a partner to deal with particular tasks. We choose the predestined service provider, integrate them in the project and ensure that the delegated tasks are carried out to optimum standards.

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