IT – The Motor for Your Online Business.

The most important success factor for every eCommerce project is an intact systems landscape. Process speed, safety and flexibility are crucial to optimally implementing your customers’ wishes and requirements.

Reliable Processes with our Middleware

Hellmann eCommerce has developed a multi-front-end-capable middleware eCommerce Communicator (eCC), a central communication and integration component. This forms a junction within the entire IT system landscape. All information from the various systems involved converges here (e.g. your ERP software, the online shop, the warehouse management system, the payment service provider), and are transmitted to the relevant system for further processing.

Intrasystem duplicate checks, blacklist-alignment and online credit limit checks mean more payment security and greater customer satisfaction. They allow for simple and direct shopping experiences, which increase the conversion rate of your online shop. The number of costly checks necessary is clearly reduced and the cost-saving potential is considerable.

Central warehousing services, printing of shipping labels and auditable archiving of data are available as proven solutions from Hellmann. Services such as address verification and credit card payments are carried out by external systems.

All data within the eCC is visible in real time thanks to the user-friendly frontend, eCommerce Navigator (eCN). Callcenter agents can thus check customer orders and their status and give quality information. The level of access to data (order history, release of open orders, administration of customer data, can be defined according to the employee’s given responsibilites using a roles and rights system, search and research functions regarding customers and orders. Thus employees can only view information, which is meant for them.

With the eCC, we are in a position to integrate our system flexibly in existing IT landscapes and to offer a middleware, which is most suitable for the various responsibilities.


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