Surely your money.

Hellmann eCommerce Financial Service reacts meticulously, safely and correctly. With you, we choose the ideal service structure for payment, risk, accounts receivable management and credit control.

Together with our certified partners, we take care of the complete payment process, so that you may garner the fruits of your success in the end.

Our Financial Services

  • Payment:
    Connection to national and international acquiring partners;
    Automated connection to all prevalent national and international payment methods (e.g. secured and non-secured purchase on account, credit card payments, PayPal, immediate transfer, cash on delivery, direct debit).
  • Accounts Receivable Management:
    Automated processes (via email and letter) for follow-ups and reminders regarding all customer orders, to deadline and where necessary handover to a collection agency.
  • Risk Management:
    Fraud prevention by way of internal checking of customer data (address, blacklist, graylist and duplicate checking via the eCommerce Communicator) and via external credit checker (e.g. Boniversum).
  • Receivables Management:
    Consistent recording of receivables and steering of your debtor account payment processes in the Hellmann eCommerce Financial Accounting.
  • Debt Collection:
    Dunning / credits including handover to collection agency.
  • Partner Management:
    Analysis, choice and integration of responsible parties from predestined internal or external partners.

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