To ensure safe delivery of your goods in every case.

Hellmann eCommerce finds the right Courier Express Parcel (CEP) service provider for you and organizes the entire dispatch process according to your wishes and requirements. Various logistics and transport service providers (e.g. DHL, HERMES) harmonize with our systems.

Benefit from our internal cooperation: with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics you use a service provider with enormous customs and legal experience, while having numerous locations, late acceptance times and excellent service.

Dispatch processing with the CEP service provider of your choice is also possible.

Distribution – Our Services

  • Choice of Carrier:
    Choice of country-specific service providers according to your requirements following evaluation of costs and benefits.
  • International Carrier Solutions:
    Dispatch processing and tracking for every B2B and B2C destination in Europe and many other countries.
  • Carrier Management:
    Express and on-time deliveries, pallet shipping, two-man handling, direct injection, returns;
    Production of individual country dispatch and returns forms;
    IT-supported tracking of your goods.
  • Clear Written Correspondence:
    Invoice printing with dispatch and return label;
    Recording reasons for returns to reduce returns quota and optimize performance.

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