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Jeans Fritz - Performance Upgrade

“It’s going to be an exciting year with a lot of new online products together with Jeans Fritz and Hellmann eCommerce”, announced Georgios Traintafillou, Jeans Fritz head of eCommerce, at the beginning of the year. The whole team of Hellmann eCommerce already proofed, the expectations could be exceeded – “one team, one word”!

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Into ‘the land of opportunity’

Bags, shoes, belts, accessories and RTW made from fine, untreated leather and interesting textile designs truly make ‘Liebeskind Berlin’ one of the most sought-after fashion brands of today. With a focus on ‘leather’ and a sense of extraordinary styling popularized ‘Liebeskind Berlin’ and is now building in phenomenal position in the global marketplace.

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Always make the Customer happy

The Customer Service is the only personal contact to the end customer besides the parcel carrier during an online transaction. The Customer Care represents the ‘Face to the Customer’. Therefore the customer’s satisfaction and the fact to be taken serious by the Customer Service could be one of the most important reasons for a customer’s decision to stay as a customer (or to switch to the competitor).

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Clearing the path for one-click culture

As the digital era prompts a shift towards online retail, Andy Sulston, Director of Contract Logistics & Consulting at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics – one of the world’s largest privately owned logistics networks – examines the operational impact on the UK’s logistics sector.

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MONOQI goes to Australia

Monoqi goes to Australia

"With the possibilities offered by the Hellmann Group in the field of global inbound logistics, we as a company are given new opportunities for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage the future flow of our goods from production to end customers," said Felix Schlegel, CEO and co-founder of MONOQI.

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