We are F.A.M.I.L.Y: Success through our Corporate DNA

Our eCommerce Team operates from the "Friedensstadt Osnabrueck" as part of the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics family-run company. Hellmann eCommerce evolved from the joint venture H&H, which was founded in 2006, and now operates independently as a fulfillment service provider, while ascribing to our joint company philosophy – our Corporate DNA.

Hellmanns Corporate DNA as a Factor for Success

Hellmann’s Corporate DNA defines who we are and what makes us different. It helps us to pass on our legacy and the fruits of our current productivity comprehensively and in the long term enables new members of our team worldwide to share in our values and unique company culture.

We at Hellmann do not view our company philosophy as a statement of intent, but as a mindset to be lived daily. Lastly, our common company genes influence the way we think and act. They define our interaction with each other and our relationships with our customers. Thus characterizing us as a distinctive service company.

Together we are strong – we are F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Our uniqueness is evident in the fact that we, as a large service provider, take the qualities of a family-run company to heart. We are very proud of this. We stand for what family means and invite all company employees worldwide to create strong networks on the basis of integrity, understanding and mutual cooperation.

The company owners have always been directly involved in its running. They will continue to show this dedication in the future. Every decision is made carefully in order to confirm Hellmann as an established enterprise and to continue to offer work-friendly perspectives.


First, people first

At Hellmann we create and support an attractive, inspiring and challenging environment, which attracts a good workforce, retains and fosters them. We encourage our employees to develop their talents through training, remuneration and recognition in a work environment of mutual respect and trust. Employee satisfaction is mirrored in success and defines how our company is perceived by our customers. Confidence, enthusiasm and loyalty are thus important to us as conditions for cooperative work and excellent results.

All about the customers, always

It is our aim to offer each customer the kind of knowledge and a specific concept, which promise success for their business. Our clients’ visions form the core of our efforts for  customized solutions. We acheive these visions by listening to our customers and taking the time to get to know and understand them better. We are also motivated to further expand and develop our services so that we surpass our customers’ requirements and expectations, where possible, and fulfill them in the long term.

Making it work better, everyday

Thanks to our business processes and their high quality standards, we increase our organisational agility and operative performance continuously. We look for rational possibilities to reduce costs, optimize productivity and  maintain excellent relationships with suppliers. Thus we achieve positive results and improve value for our customers.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Hellmann, we encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all areas, thus creating an environment in which it is allowed to take risks. We encourage all employees to develop unconventional ideas and decisively drive the adjustment of our services to suit our customers’ requirements in order to meet their changing needs and diverse expectations.

Living sustainability

Our activities carry a responsibility for the ecological, economical and social legacy of   generations to come. Thus we especially value efficient and sustainable use of resources and a sense of partnership in our services and processes for a good reason. It is these principles that help us to work for a world worth living in and for the future of our family business.

You and me

We set ourselves new goals every day and tackle the challenges at hand: At Hellmann, this means, for example, that deliveries arrive at their destinations punctually and safely, work processes are to be adapted successfully and in the short-term, or specific concepts are to be developed. We fulfill our tasks to the satisfaction of our customers together with you. We expect collegial dedication, mutual support and good-willed motivation from our employees. Strong, communal, almost familial, ties can be created on this basis.

"You and me", a relationship that continues for generations!